Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, folks!

I mentioned in my previous post that I would soon return to a regular posting schedule. I know, it’s a promise I’ve made before, and one that is increasingly difficult to keep. For this post, let me tell you about what I’ve been up to for the past six month that has prevented me from really tearing into the flesh of the stack of horror games sitting on my shelf.

As I mentioned a few months back, I left my job at Google this year to found an indie game studio called Robot Invader. Over the last five months we’ve worked our butts off to get our first game finished. It’s a title called Wind-up Knight, and we launched it on Android last week (check it out on Android Market). An iOS version is coming soon. Wind-up Knight has eaten 110% of my time–my sleep schedule (and that of my other cohorts at Robot Invader) dipped into the “less than five hours per night” range for a while there. Now that the Android version is out the pressure is starting to ease, and I’ve managed to put a few hours into Dead Space 2 this week.

But my schedule is one that drinks a lot of coffee and doesn’t like taking breaks. Tonight I fly to Montreal to speak at the Montreal International Games Summit, both about Android games and a little bit about horror as well. On Wednesday I leave Montreal and fly to South Dakota for Dakota State’s conference on horror games, where I’m giving a keynote. Saturday evening I return to the San Francisco Bay Area, where hopefully I can relax for a day or two before stuff gets crazy again.

All of this is a long excuse for not writing more about horror games. I shall soon write something about the content of my horror mini-talk at MIGS, and my keynote at Dakota State. Then maybe I can play some horror games again. That’d be nice.

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Congrats on finishing and releasing Windup Knight.

    Try to get some rest sometime.
    You make me ashamed of myself for wasting so much time.

  2. Your studious driver certainly enjoyed your presentation at Dakota State.

    I was looking around for more pieces of your work, and found a 2009 powerpoint on horror. Would you support your opinions from 2 years ago as characteristics of the current market?

    Good luck on your little time you find to relax. Looking forward to more of your work!

  3. Thanks for driving me all over South Dakota, James!

    I assume the 2009 powerpoint you are talking about is the one about Japanese culture? Yes, it’s absolutely still relevant, though lately the US has become a much more consistent source of horror games.


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