7 thoughts on “Wind-up Knight on iOS

  1. I wanted to try this out on my Android phone, a Samsung Captivate (one of the Galaxy S series phones), but the Android Market says your game is incompatible with my phone for some reason. I was running Android 2.2, which is what the market said was the minimum Android version your game requires, and I even updated to 2.35, but it still says it’s incompatible. Why wouldn’t your game be compatible with my phone?

  2. Yeah, Samsung really screwed up a bunch of their devices. Your phone has issues created by Samsung downloading apps larger than 30mb. The good news is that Android market should be able to work around the issue next week. Stay tuned.

  3. Seems Android market place doesn’t want to let it onto the ZTE Skate either. Will see if the upcoming Samsung fix will fix it for the Skate as well.

  4. Was hoping this would be ported to iOS. Just saw the post and downloaded it. After watching the demo and playing the first level I’m very much looking forward to the rest of the game!

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