Silent Hill 5

The MagicBox is today reporting:

Konami announced that Silent Hill 5 will be coming to the next generation consoles, Silent Hill 4 is the last title for the current generation consoles.

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  1. According to EGM, Silent Hill 5 will be completely from a first person perspective. Which might disappoint some people, but I’ve been waiting for that to happen. 😀

  2. EGM is a magazine but ill look for it and probably post it in the forums or here. There might be a link on the website too.

  3. i am a silent hill fan, apart from part one, i have all the series of SH from 2 to 4 on ps2, it really devastated me to find out that silent hill 5 will fucking be on the next fucking generation console, what a fucking scam,I am outraged, I’m pretty sure most of you guys feel the same way, i’m soo sick and tired of this, because i’m a middle class citizen, i can’t always keep up to date and aford new additions of expensive consoles just so that i could continue a particular game series, i understand there are always advances in technology and new and better models of consoles are always underway for a new genre, i am cool with that and can’t wait for it to come out, but its rediculous that they are putting silent hill 5 in a different console cant they just keep the series on one particular console,to make it easiler for fans.. when the resident evil series was put on Gamecube it didn’t really sell to high, as more people had ps2s and xboxs compared to Gamecube, why don’t konami just manufacture new fresh games for the new generation consoles, i am pretty sure it will sell well, they should leave the old series alone… sigh!!!!

  4. You seem to be frustrated, but look at this from Konami’s point of view.

    They’ve done 3 games on the PS2. They have a robust and competent game engine. The PS3/Xbox2 will be showing at E3 next year, so they will probably be released sometime in late 2005 or early 2006. That’s enough time for Konami to take the Silent Hill engine, port it to the new platforms (which will be very different internally to what we have now), and produce a new game that takes advantage of whatever whiz-bang features the new hardware offers. Plus, if they do it fast enough they get to have a launch title that is backed by a strong intellectual property (the Silent Hill brand) and a proven gameplay mechanic.

    This means that the game is almost guaranteed to make money (people know the brand AND it’s a launch title, which is a killer combination). In fact, they probably have the potential to make a lot more this way than they would if they spent the year between now and next summer simply producing another PS2 Silent Hill. So of course this is what they are going to choose: it is the best way for them to take the series forward and get their foot in the door with new hardware. It’s all about the money.

    One other thing to consider: Konami has released Silent Hill games at a rate of 1 per year since Silent Hill 2. This is amazingly fast when you think about it: most games take about 2 years to complete. Resident Evil Zero, for example, was originally developed for the Nintendo 64!! The fact that you’ve been able to play 3 games in 3 years on a single piece of hardware is an achievement, and you shouldn’t take it for granted.

  5. what!!! take for granted, i don’t get the game for free u know, i like the game but am not obsessed, i know that konami is trying to make profit understandable, but you don’t get why i am frustrated, the main reason for my frustration is due to the fact that i have to keep purchasing different expensive consoles just to keep up with game series, from the – ps1 – dreamcast (biggest disapointment)-gamecube – ps2 and even an xbox i’ve got them all, not to metion the games, I don’t mind purchasing another new generation console but i’d rather them finish off the series or to just keep it on one console just to make life easier, oohh well no use windging, i guess i’ll have to save up money to buy the ps3 in 2005… hmmm sigh

  6. i forgot to add… out of curiousity are you working for konami? you seem to know alot of info, hmmm too much infact, lol nah just pulling ur strings, hehe, i also want to get this straight, it doesn’t really matter if they produce 10 games in one year, woopee doo, one game per year since SH2,should i be greatful for that after all they’re the ones making the profit off of us fans, i guess they are eager to make big bucks quick, who knows, all cool though, good to know some facts …

  7. No, I don’t work for Konami, though I do work in the game industry. This is not secret stuff, and I certainly don’t have any inside track here.

    3 games in 3 years: what I meant is that you should be grateful that they bothered to do so many on a single system. I understand that you are bothered about buying new hardware, but it only happens, like, once every 5 years, right? Is it really that annoying?

    Silent Hill is a popular brand, and lots of people will buy each version. So it’s in Konami’s best interests to put as many versions out as possible. Developing games isn’t cheap though, and even with 1-year development cycles I’d guess that Konami probably spends $4 or $5 million on each Silent Hill game. So they *have* to sell or Konami will loose money.

    Very few developers are so prolific and so consistently high quality. I personally am awaiting the next Silent Hill game with bated breath.


  8. Nice to hear from you, ooh such a shame that you don’t work for konami, i was looking forward to making some suggestions sigh… lolz all cool, yeah i know what you mean, bottom line is its all about the competition, SH is konami’s all time successful game series, with outstanding ratings, i can really understand why, hey is it true that SH5 will be in a first person’s view throughout the whole game? i really really hope not, for i really abhor that type of game play, it won’t feel the same,i always find the first person’s view very confusing and annoying, oohhhh please! please! please! don’t let it be so, when i first played SH4 at the start i was like doah! ooh man first persons view… anyways i kept on playing in extreme disapointment, it just didn’t feel rite, but as soon as i entered the hole i got overly excited as i was getting the silent hill feel again, i don’t know… ‘sigh’ i don’t mind if its in parts of the game like silenthill 4, i kind of grown accustomed to that layout, its kind of misterious,and you feel safe yet vonerble towards the end, but i dont like the idea of it being in the first person’s view throughout SH5


  9. ofcourse i am annoyed with the fact that i have to purchase a new hardware, because unlike you… i am unemployed and well…um going broke , but fortunately i still live with my parents who provides me with shelter and good food,cough!! now you understand my frustration … yeah i guess ur rite.. it has been almost 5 years , about time they make new consoles, so ‘sigh’ i guess i have to save up lots and lots of money or better yet find employment before 2005

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