Siren 2 Confirmed

The MagicBox is reporting that Sony has confirmed earlier rumors that a sequel to Siren is in development.

Sony confirmed that they will release the survival horror adventure game SIREN 2 for PS2 in Japan in 2005.

3 thoughts on “Siren 2 Confirmed

  1. Siren creators should hang their heads in shame, its such a shit and annoying game i can’t believe part two is comming out, when i completed this game, it was soo crap that i threw the Game Cd in a corner and never looked back at it since, i was hitting my self for wasting my time, to complete it… i was just thinking of the money i spent on it, and finding ways to get a refund, but that will never happen, i was completely drawn into it when i read the reviews, the ratings seem abnormally high…when i first heard about this game on the net, i thought it was going to be simular to the SH and RE style game play, with an excellent storyline, i was so excited, but i guess i was completely wrong 🙁

  2. This game produces two types of reactions: those that are highly negative (like yours) and those that are highly positive (like the reviews you read).

    As far as I can tell, the major disappointment that some people have with Siren is that it isn’t a carbon copy of Silent Hill. Perhaps the art style and use of dynamic lighting caused people to expect Silent Hill, but aside from some visual similarities the games are totally different. The differences between Silent Hill and Resident Evil are far more dramatic than the differences between Silent Hill and Siren, so it’s interesting that you were expecting Siren to fit one of these molds.

    Siren is very different than anything to date. It’s very hard, it’s very scary, and it’s utterly unlike what we’ve seen before. I understand if you found the game frustrating, but don’t just write it off because it’s not similar enough to the game styles you are comfortable with.
    Do you have a complaint about Siren other than “it’s not like RE or SH?”

  3. you think the game is hard?? i find it to be easy, just simply look at the map for the nearest and safest root ( note: maps are very vital when playing survival horror games) , use ur site jacking, dodge enemies, hide, neel down, turn off flash lite etc, etc basically avoid being spotted if possible, collect certain items, do this do that, if present, call out to the person ur with when at a safe or nearer distance, guide them to safety, blah blah blah…stage cleared, you can’t go wrong, i personally don’t find the amosphere and the enemies of the game to be very scary at all, infact very funny… i have to give sirens creators credit for originality with the site jacking game play, but i guess it’s simply not my cup of tea, i don’t think i like the story line, i am not a fussy person, i am always open to different variety of games, but the thing that bugs me is that people speak so highly of the game that i was overwhelmed and eager to purchase it, i guess i was more disapointed with the intro storyline when i played it, i was kind of hoping that it will be kind of like a horror movie like everyone starting off in a road trip bus and later lured into this freeky vilage by fog then crashes into swamp or bush injuring some passengers but not killing them, when the characters get off the bus they hear a loud brain torturing siren, and they begin to argue and decides to split up into different groups to look for help,they should have some characters who are in a large group to fall victim to some enemies if you choose the wrong path just to spice things up,different scenarios have a different storyline, also depending on what you do and what path you choose, the game play is alrite now when i think about it, no further compliants about that,but i really think that the storyline should be improved, well i guess that bottom line is different people have different opinions, you know this game might appeal to me but may appeal to others, i guess u like this game that’s why u seem kind of worked up by it…


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