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Obscure is now out in the US, and I found it brand new for $20. I also tracked down Echo Night Beyond brand new for a mere $7 over the weekend, which seems like a pretty good deal. Doom 3 is now out for Xbox too.

Lately I’ve been playing through Silent Hill 4, which is quite weird. The game itself is enjoyable, but the pacing is very strange: there are (apparently) no bosses, nor have there really been any climactic points in the story yet. The game has just recently gone from being very easy to being very hard, which is frustrating. It seems like the source of this frustration are a few types of enemies that cannot be killed. They are a source of infinite damage, but of course only limited health items are available. My life bar has been at about 10% for the last two hours of play, and dying all the time is really starting to get annoying. The game is fun and the story is interesting, but the progression is very strange.

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  1. Yeah, the pace is definitely different from the other Silent Hills. You have to conserve all of your health supplies to an extreme amount, to the point of sacrificing your life a few time just to get the area and ghost patterns right.

    The climactic point does come around the time you get to the bottom of the ‘stairwell’, I believe.

    And as far as the bosses go, technically, the ‘major’ ghosts could be considered bosses, since they’re much nastier than the regular ones.

  2. Just stick with it, mate, honestly. I had lots of frustrations when I started playing it but it soon became a thing of beauty. The story is up to the typical standard and to be honest, I’m glad of the new style – it seemed fitting after three games that seemed to play identical.

    Personnally, I hate boss fights, so I’m not upset when a game has very few, LOL.
    I never did quite get the deal with the candles in the game. Apparently, you’re supposed to burn them in your apartment to rid the apartment of evil spirits or something. Fine and dandy, but sometimes after I used a candle, it didn’t seem to have any impact at all.
    I did read in one online walkthrough /help page that anytime you light a candle that you should stay in the room the entire time it’s burning down. It’s supposed to be more effective that way.
    I like the fact that this version took place in an apartment… it wasn’t just another ‘walking down empty city streets in heavy fog’ thing again – which is fine, I just got burnt out on that concept.

    Forgot to add in last post – I’ve ordered a copy of Obscure, too. Hasn’t come in yet. I also ordered Kuon, but sent an e mail saying they’re having a hard time getting a copy. My order of Cold Fear has been shipped, according to an automated e mail I got today.

  5. Wow, it feels like Obscure’s been out for years over here (I think it was October really…)

    As for Silent Hill 4…you think it’s hard now, wait til you get to the final boss…Gun vs club…Bah, he beat me again. Use the dodge!

    Trust me. The game’s soooo much easier when you master the dodge.

  6. Silent Hill 4 is “i think” a pyschological-type horror survival game. Yes, there are fighting/shooting, but there are enemies that can’t die (ghosts for example, unless you impale ’em with the sword) and barely any bosses? I found the fat guard from the prison world was extremely difficult to defeat. And, don’t start with Walter Sullivan. But all and all….I didn’t find the game that difficult. There were times which were challenging, but it wasn’t like “throw you controller and curse the tv out” difficult. Seriously I find Clock Tower 3 or Siren more challenging!!! Silent Hill creators, should really make the series more like 2 and 3….. but that’s just my opinion.

  7. If it’s the ghosts you mean, then don’t bother even trying to kill them, except for the ghosts of people you have already interacted with – like the creepy woman with the long hair, the hooker’s ghost in the subway levels – and to kill these enemies, use the Swords.

    This is especially important when you come up against the ghost of the fat guy in the water prison.

    If it’s the ones in the apartment, use the candles.

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