NEW FEATURE: Chris’ Guide to Understanding Japanese Horror

I’ve finally posted a new feature, Chris’ Guide to Understanding Japanese Horror. This article is a detailed look at Japanese horror within the context of Japanese culture. I attempt to explain how horror from Japan works on a very general level, and how the mechanics of Japanese and American horror differ. Here’s an excerpt: The […]

Are you sure you want this?

Today I found a copy of Clock Tower: The First Fear, the Wonderswan version, at the local toy shop in the mall. It was priced 300 yen, marked down from 4900 yen (a total of about $2.50, down from $40). When I took it to the counter, the woman behind the register looked at me […]

We Produce it for Whole Human Beings

I’ve been in Japan for about a week now, and so far this trip has been extremely useful for The Quest. I’ve managed to pick up a bunch of Japan-only titles without destroying my wallet, which is good. I’m not sure that I’ve managed to buy any games that are actually good, but my goal […]

I’m headed to Japan for New Years, so updates may be a little slow. I’ve got a pretty good feature update in the works though, so stay tuned for that. On my trip my shopping list includes Nanatsu no Hikan, Hungry Ghosts, and Gregory Horror Show, among other obscure titles. I’ll report back from the […]

No Fear

I am in Japan this week. Walking around the local supermarket/random supplies store, I came across a PS2 game I did not recognize called The Fear. I did a little digging and apparently this game is a 0 Story (remember all those live-action movie games? those guys.) horror game. It comes on 4 DVDs (!!), […]

Mmmm… Yakiniku

I am knocking around Japan with my wife this week. I picked up a bunch of games for the Quest today at our local Book Off. I swear Japan is the place for cheap used games. I managed to pick up D no Shokutaku 2 Echo Night and Echo Night 2 Clock Tower 1 and […]

Off to Japan

I am headed off to Japan for a week. I may make some updates while I am there, but since I am not sure what sort of internet connection I’ll have I can’t make any promises. Silent Hill 3 is being well received. I’ve been pretty busy preparing for my trip, so I haven’t gotten […]