Juon 2

In preparation for the American version of The Grudge 2, I decided to watch the original sequel to Juon, which was itself a remake of a TV movie. In total, I think there are at least six versions of these movies, all directed by the same director and all pretty much the same. To its […]

The Descent

I went to see The Descent last week despite knowing absolutely nothing about the film. I’d never seen a trailer or even a poster, but strong critical response convinced me to go. The Descent is about a group of thrill-seeking women who decide to go spelunking in a remote cave. They get pretty deep into […]

Now in Technicolor

I watched a couple of horror movies lately, but I haven’t had a lot of time to write proper reviews for them. I’ve got quite a few films I want to see in my queue, but thanks to work I’ve not really had enough time to watch many of them. For the few I’ve seen […]

Wolf Creek

Last night I watched Wolf Creek. I didn’t know anything about this film going in, but I’d heard a few people recommend it so I gave it a shot. The film centers around three young vacationers who are traveling through the Australian outback on their way to Sydney. On the way they stop at Wolfe […]

Silent Hill, The Movie

I went and saw Silent Hill today. I’ll try to write a spoiler-free review that describes how I feel about it. As you might expect, the Silent Hill movie has a lot of elements of the Silent Hill games. In fact, it is not difficult to classify the movie as a collection of such elements. […]

Don’t Look Now

This evening I watched Don’t Look Now, a horror flick starring a young Donald Sutherland circa 1973. The story centers around an American couple living in Venice who have recently lost their daughter. It’s hard to describe exactly the events that unfold in this film, but the tension level is pretty high throughout the whole […]

Stay Away

Producer #1: Ok, we need a movie to fill our release schedule out in March 2004. Producer #2: Hmm, we should target teens… how about a horror movie!? Producer #1: Sounds good. We should be able to throw one of those together in six months. But we need a hook… how about a demonic web […]

Cinma D’Horreur

Wow, an update after several weeks of radio silence. Sorry everybody, work has been increasingly demanding lately. Also, I’ve been playing through Michigan, which has not proven very post-worthy. Anyway, I thought I’d tell you guys about some horror movies I watched recently. Pulse (Kairo) finally came out in the US. I guess they are […]

My Eyes! What did you do to my eyes!?

A while back I watched The Eye, a Chinese movie directed by brothers Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang, about a woman who has surgery to restore her eyesight and also ends up with the ability to see ghosts. Despite its promising first half, The Eye pretty much fell apart at the end, which was […]

History of Japanese Horror Cinema

My recent article on Japanese horror attempted to explain horror in Japan by examining some details of the Japanese culture. Nicholas Rucka takes a different approach in his fascinating article The Death of J-Horror?: he describes in some detail the history of Japanese horror cinema and why the current boom isn’t likely to survive indefinitely. […]