4 thoughts on “Silent Hill 4 Reviews

  1. I know I am a huge silent hill fan and would love the game if it turned into a puzzle game like tetris. But i would defintily say this is the best yet. Now I have only played for 5 hours…. but i love it. Disgustingly freaky… not necessarily scary… but the creepiest one yet. Plus an awesome combat system.

  2. Though I’ve mentioned it quite a bit already, I’ll mention it again. I like horror in first person… so it was cool to see a bit in first person.

  3. I hate not being able to kill those damn ghost things, they are irratating as hell.
    But it’s still a good game as far as I’m concerned the only fault it has is the bad camera angles. I will admite some of the angles are strange yet they add some creepyness to the game but then half of them are just plan horrable and can become frustrating.
    I still say the first one was the best and it’s hard to think they will ever be able to top it, though they have come very close

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