I want to believe but they make it so hard

This evening I finally got around to finishing The X-Files: Resist or Serve. The game is basically a Resident Evil: Code Veronica knock-off, but it manages to mess up some of the basic game play while simultaneously doing a disservice to the X-Files license. I’ve read that the development of this game was plagued with problems, which might be why half the screenshots in my gallery never appear in the game (including out aquatic friend over there on the left). Anyway, I posted a short review about the game.

2 thoughts on “I want to believe but they make it so hard

  1. I played this through and never really finished it (I got as far as Mulder in that Russian base)…horrible…horrible game.

    Get the FMV version instead.

  2. One of the weakest games of the genre but i would say it was more like silent hill than reident evil. What about the crap level in the mines 5/10

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