Project Origin

I keep forgetting to post about Project Origin, maybe because the name is so forgettable. This game is the sequel to F.E.A.R., but sports a different name because Vivendi, the publisher of F.E.A.R., owns the copyright. Monolith, the developer of the game, was purchased by Warner Bros. a couple of years ago, which required that […]

Rainy Woods

Back in September forums user ramfeild66 posted some information about a game called Rainy Woods. Destructoid has some information about the game, Famitsu has screenshots, and there’s a trailer on YouTube. The game is clearly influenced by The X-Files, Twin Peaks, and The Shining, but it nevertheless looks like it might be pretty good. So […]

Random Assortment of Game Updates

There’s been a bit of horror game news this week. First of all, there’s gameplay footage of Resident Evil 5. While we’re on the topic of Resident Evil, there’s also a rumor that Resident Evil 4 will ship for PS3 and Xbox360 with some new content, maybe starring Hunk. Finally, there’s been a couple of […]

Hey, I’m Famous

If you read German and have access to magazines from that country, the latest issue of GEE contains an article on horror games with references to yours truly. I spoke with the author at GEE while in Japan last month, and though I’ve not actually seen the article yet, Michael from frightening tells me that […]

Fatal Frame II and III Less Impossible To Locate

Destructoid is reporting that Fatal Frame 2 and Fatal Frame 3 have been (finally) issued reprints. These games, especially the third one, have been notoriously hard to find. But apparently if you act now you can find copies of both games fairly easily. Destructoid also has an interesting note about the popularity of Resident Evil […]

CONFIRMED: Silent Hill 5 has Zombie Dogs

Destructoid has new high-res screens of Silent Hill 5. Among the collection is a shot of the protagonist shooting a zombie dog. Zombie dogs were pretty funny back when they were jumping through windows in 1995, but they’re getting pretty tired lately. On the other hand, the screens also contain a giant dude who’s face […]

Alone in the Dark 5 is Just Like Real Life

Thanks to forums member RainbowDispair for pointing me to this interview with Nour Polloni about the up-and-coming Alone in the Dark 5. Polloni is the producer on the project, and she reveals a lot of details about what the game play will be like and what players should expect from the game. From the interview […]

Survival Horror Community!

One of the great things about running a site like this is that I get to meet people who have interests similar to my own. One of these people is forums member hellsing, who has been generating quite a bit of online content related to survival horror himself lately. First of all he’s got this […]

Wii to be Fatally Framed

Thanks to forums member Feighnt for pointing out this announcement over at Destructoid about Fatal Frame 4. In addition to the news that such a game exists (not to mention some creepy screenshots), the announcement also notes that the game is coming to the Wii (hello Wiimote camera!) and that crazy awesome game designer extraordinaire […]

Resident Evil CG Movie Screens Video

Back around Halloween I mentioned that a CG Resident Evil movie had been announced by Capcom. Well today the first screens from the film are available over at Destructoid. The aesthetic reminds me of Resident Evil 2, which is good because Leon S Kennedy and Claire Redfield are the main characters. Update: Kotaku has a […]