Rise of Nightmares

I bought a Kinect a while back because I wanted to play Happy Action Theater with my daughter, as well as Once Upon A Monster. Both games are pretty fun, and they use the Kinect in ways that work. The other Kinect games I’ve played, like the Wii Sports knockoff Kinect Adventures, are all universally […]

Don’t Buy The Silent Hill HD Collection

I’d heard that there were problems with the recently released Silent Hill HD Collection, but I didn’t follow the complaints closely. The collection contains Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, and is supposed to be a high definition remastering of those games. I heard a bit about about the fog being broken and the […]


I completed …Iru! a few days ago, and if you follow me on Twitter you probably saw a rather large stream of complaints about it over the past few weeks. …Iru! is a hard game to play–it came out in 1998 and has aged really poorly. It wasn’t a great game to begin with either, […]

Silent Hill Downpour

What separates a good game from a poor one? Of course, games plagued by software bugs are generally considered poor. I recently reviewed Amy, a throughly broken horror game, and its problems are quite clear. But what about games that do not have obvious glitches? The type of game that you dislike even though there’s […]


I completed Amy this evening and wrote a short review. It’s short because there’s not much to say about Amy. I’m a pretty talkative guy and beyond the few paragraphs linked to here, I have nothing of value to contribute about this game. (It’s really bad)

The Lone Survivor of a Bygone Era

Once upon a time, not too long ago really, the horror genre experienced something of a golden age. This is the period, beginning in 1996 with Resident Evil, in which many fan favorites of the genre shipped. Silent Hill 1 and 2, the first two Fatal Frame games, not to mention Resident Evil 2 and […]

End Night

A couple of posts back I mentioned End Night, the new horror game for iPad. The game is out today and you can pick it up for $2.99. There’s also a pretty cool trailer if you want to get an idea of what its like. The setup is that some sort of zombie plague has […]

The Rise of Casual Horror

A while back I wrote about a Wii horror game called Juon: The Grudge, based on the film of the same name. In that article I focused on how Juon seems to be a great translation of a teen horror flick to game form, and that it is interesting because it appears to be targeted […]

Day of Scouring, Night of Sacrifice

This weekend I decided that I’d put it off for long enough: it was time to play イケニエノヨル (Ikenie no Yoru, Night of Sacrifice). You might have heard of this game; it made a bit of a stir when it came out in late 2010 because it uses the Wii Balance Board (!?) and had […]