Trickle of Dead Island Info

Every six months or so another tiny morsel of information about open world zombie-in-the-tropics game Dead Island shows up. It’s been about six month since the last drop, so here’s some new screen shots.

Nanashi No Geemu

I have to admit that the first information I heard about Square’s new handheld DS game, ナナシノゲエム (“Nanashi no Geemu,” lit. “Nameless Game” or “Game with No Name”), left me intrigued but skeptical. Now that the official trailer has been posted, I’m in all out excitement mode. The concept is simple, and quite Japanese: you’re […]

Fatal Frame 4 Arriving Shortly

I’m pretty excited about the next version of the Fatal Frame series, especially since it’s headed for the Wii and involves Suda51 somehow. So it was cool to see scans from Famitsu about the game, but even better news is that the game will be released at the end of July in Japan. Between this […]

Siren Blood Curse–huh?

Recently Sony announced Siren: New Translation, a remake of the original Siren for PS3. Now they are announcing something else called Siren Blood Curse, which sounds like an episodic version of New Translation. Details are scarce but it’s hard to tell if Blood Curse is New Translation, or if one region will get one and […]

Silent Hill 5 Drives Stake into Harker’s Heart

In unsurprising news, Kotaku is reporting that Double Helix (previously known as The Collective) has cancelled vampire staking game Harker in order to finish Silent Hill 5. That’s probably a worthy trade off, though it’s always a bit sad to see original IP die off for the sake of a sequel (even a Silent Hill […]

Silent Hill 5 is Coming Home in September

Kotaku reports that Silent Hill 5 will be out for PS3 and Xbox360 in September of this year, and that the name on the box will read Silent Hill: Homecoming. September is pretty soon. I’m looking forward to seeing what The Collective has done with the game.

Siren 3 Teaser?

Sony Japan has a website up that looks an awful lot like a Siren 3 announcement. The red background, rain, grainy and scary soundtrack, and even the clock design are a perfect fit for the series (not to mention the giant “sa” character in the background). Back in 2006 there were some rumblings about a […]

Some Resident Evil 5 Perspective

MTV’s Multiplayer blog has an excellent series of articles about black professionals in the game industry. The entire series is a really interesting, and I recommend that you read the whole thing. I decided to post about the series because one of the topics that is discussed is the Resident Evil 5 trailer, which, as […]

Sadness Screenshot

Wii-focused vaporware horror game Sadness is probably never coming out. It probably doesn’t even exist, except maybe on paper. But if it does exist, and is actually in development somewhere, then this might be a screenshot from it.