The Building was Moving

We rode with friends up into Tokyo from our relatives’ home in Yokohama. My family and I moved from Japan back to the US in January, but we returned this week to finish off some paperwork and attend my daughters preschool graduation ceremony. The ceremony itself was frightfully formal; I wore my (one and only) […]

Two Factor vs Game Developer!

The latest issue of Game Developer magazine has an article I wrote called Pressed By The Dark, which is an expansion of the last two posts here on this site about the Two Factor Theory as it might be applicable to game design. The best part about it is that it’s paired with weirdo, crazy […]

Awesome Kansai Game Developers

I had a very long, but very awesome day yesterday. I had some business in Osaka so I left my house in Yokohama early, hopped on a bullet train, and was in Osaka by 10:30 AM. I lived in the Kansai area (Osaka and Kyoto–I was in Kyoto) more than ten years ago as a […]

Japan Wasn’t Funny To Begin With

(This is an open letter to Tim Rogers in response to his extremely lengthy column Japan: It’s Not Funny Anymore, which was posted on Kotaku. I think I’m just about done reading Kotaku, as the signal to noise ratio has really gone south lately, but before I quit I thought I’d respond to Tim’s not-really-video-game-related […]

Another Year, another GDC

I’m visiting the US this week for GDC. It’s the first time I’ve attended in the last two years, but GDC never really changes. This year I actually gave a talk, which was fun, though I had so much work to do that I barely had time to visit any sessions. If you’ve written to […]

The Grand Hyatt Taipei-Umbrella Connection

I’m in Taiwan this weekend for work. I’m staying at the Grand Hyatt Taipei, which is a pretty classy hotel, and happens to be across the street from a seriously huge building. Since this is our first time in Taiwan, my family and I have been visiting the local hot spots, eating dinner at outdoor […]

Happy Halloween + Notes

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve had a hard time lately keeping up with this blog. Actually, the problem is that I just haven’t had much time to play games, and without games as input it’s pretty hard to generate consistent output. Right now I’m sitting in a hotel in Sapporo on the end of a […]

Thinking After Dark: Tidbits

I bet you thought I just wasn’t going to post any more about the Thinking After Dark conference that I attended last month. The truth is that I have pages of notes waiting to be turned into blog posts and I’m running very behind. So, in the interests of brevity, here’s some short thoughts about […]

Thinking After Dark: Day 1

I have logged a lot of time in the air this month. I flew from Japan to the Bay Area in early April, then flew up to Oregon to see my family, and now I am sitting in a hotel room in Montreal. On Sunday I return to the Bay Area and on Tuesday I […]