Thinking After Dark: Day 1

I have logged a lot of time in the air this month. I flew from Japan to the Bay Area in early April, then flew up to Oregon to see my family, and now I am sitting in a hotel room in Montreal. On Sunday I return to the Bay Area and on Tuesday I […]

Crap, it’s already April 2?

So I missed April Fools this year. Sorry. My excuse is that I was on a plane over the Pacific, which is true. Next year I’ll have some totally mind blowing joke prepared for you all (I considered posting that Alan Wake had been announced as an iPhone exclusive, but I figured that probably won’t […]

Famous in Germany Again

About a year ago I was lucky enough to be quoted in German Game magazine Gee in an article about horror games. Apparently I didn’t come off like some crazy lunatic, as another magazine from Deutschland has seen fit to put my opinions to print. This time around editor Christian Schöenlein of play3 has written […]

NTT is Japanese for “sloth”

I’ve been in Japan for a month now. I signed a lease on an apartment at the beginning of November. I won’t have an internet connection until the middle of December. I am so behind on the happenings of the world (whoa, we have a new president!), particularly the survival horror world. My games are […]

Releases and Rumors

As we approach Halloween the horror games begin to land in quick succession. Silent Hill: Homecoming and Dead Space (which is mysteriously missing from my database–gotta fix that) are out and have been met by mediocre and favorable reviews, respectively. Forums member suedepup also passed along this awesome information about leaked videos for a new […]

Does Survival Horror Still Exist?

Leigh Alexander has an excellent article on the way survival horror games have changed up on Kotaku this morning. If you’ve never read Alexander’s stuff before, she’s one of the few game journalists that really gets genres like survival horror (I’ve linked to her writing before). Her latest article, Does Survival Horror Really Still Exist? […]

Heavy Rain is a horror game?

Kotaku is reporting that with some new footage from Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, it’s been revealed that the game is a horror game. This is fantastic news because Quantic Dream’s stuff is awesome and Heavy Rain has sounded extremely promising from day one. I really enjoyed their last game, Indigo Prophecy, and finding out that […]

Wait, wasn’t this thing cancelled?

It’s E3 time again, and there’s been a few blips on the horror game radar. Of particular note is the tons of press that Resident Evil 5 has been getting, even though it’s not due out until next year. There’s also a little video of water physics from tech demo / horror game Hydrophobia. And […]