2008 Was a Good Year

Out with the old, in with the new! If 2009 is anything like 2008, we’ve got a lot of horror games to look forward to. 2008 was a good year for us horror gamers; in fact, it was the best year we’ve had since 2005. A total of seven horror games were released in the West, and if we throw in DS games and games that were released in Japan only (for now, we hope), the number is closer to 10. Dead Space, Alone in the Dark 5, Silent Hill 5, Silent Hill: 0rigins, Siren: New Translation, Fatal Frame 4, and, uh, Obscure 2 were all released in 2008. Compare that to 2007, a year in which only two games released, and one of those was Escape from Bug Island.

No, 2008 was pretty good. Here’s the games that are on my radar for 2009:

  • Alan Wake. (Xbox360, PC) It looks cool, but will it ever ship?
  • Calling. (Wii) I just posted about this game a few months back.
  • Cursed Mountain. (Wii) I posted some early footage of this game about mountains, curses, and apparently Buddhism.
  • Dead Island. (Xbox360, PC) Details are sparse as ever on this one. I posted about it last year.
  • Hydrophobia. (Xbox360) Game or tech demo? You decide. I suspect that this one is never coming out, actually.
  • Resident Evil 5 (Xbox360, PS3, PC). The demo is pretty hot. This will ship soon, I think.
  • Heavy Rain (PS3). According to the developer it’s a horror game. Rock!
  • F.E.A.R. 2 / Project Origin. (Xbox360, PS3, PC). Alma is back. Interesting history to this project.
  • Rainy Woods (PS3, Xbox360). It’s Twin Peaks in game form! I posted about it.
  • Sadness (Wii). A little bit of evidence that this vaporware might actually exist popped up in 2008.
  • Unnamed, mysterious Shinji Mikami/Suda51/EA “action horror” game. And that is all we know about it.

That’s a pretty good lineup! Lots of variety, lots to look forward to.

5 thoughts on “2008 Was a Good Year

  1. I’m looking forward into playing the games you mentioned, as well as previously released titles that I’ve missed out.

    Good thing you listed the games down, makes things easier for me to hunt them one by one.

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